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With authentic Italian coffee, paninis, and delectable Gelato and Sorbet our cafe became our home and the heart of unforgettable memories.

It introduced us to London and was the foundation for cherished connections that endure to this day.

2003 - 2008


London Ont.

Leaving our cherished cafe behind, we embraced change.  Well... I say we...    the two kids weren't two happy about leaving their precious storefront behind, but the time had come to seek where the grass grew greener!

Expanding Coppa, we acquired a renovated building, a production kitchen and a small office, for our new venture: wholesale.

2009 - 2014


komoka ontario

This shift to creating smiles at a wholesale level really pushed Coppa to new heights and its family to a different way of thinking.  After a couple years building our name and gaining supportive clients, our capacity needed to change to meet the  growing demand.

In Strathroy ON was Coppas most promising investment to date, a large building with the perfect size to future proof our growth for years to come...We  didn't know what was going to happen here and that terrified us.

2014 - 2019


strathroy ont.

In this new place we changed packaging, logo's, branding structure and hired more staff, built an entire production facility basically from the ground up, and  built strong connections with the aforementioned clients that last even to this day!

It was full steam ahead from this point on, and nothing was going to stand in our way, things looked promising. Years later some events lead up to us having to leave quite near immediately. This hurt a lot to say the least but with some hard work and a great deal of luck, we found a new place back in London Ontario.

2019 - now


London ont.

After this move and some much needed construction, the new building was ready to begin production. Getting back on our feet was a little more convenient now than it was with our move to Strathroy, we had more staff  who through their shear will, determination, and selflessness stuck it out  and pushed through, and it's because of all of their combined efforts that  Coppa stands strong today!

We can't thank our friends, family, and clients even  outside of the Coppa team enough either. Their help played a huge part in the leap we all took to get to where we are today.

Thank you Coppa Friends & Family

CoppaSmileWhite_COPPA DESIGN.png

and thank YOU for taking the time to learn more ABOUT US!

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